PC: alyssa luzaich

PC: alyssa luzaich

Oh hello. I'm Michelle, a photographer, flower lover, and mother of one, with a love for capturing connection.

My spirited and sweet 9 yr old girl is my world and I am married to my best friend. We are so lucky to live in Novato and call Marin our home. I am constantly in awe by the natural beauty that surrounds us. It's the perfect backdrop for gorgeous family photos with plenty of open space for exploring. My daughter is my muse and the reason I got into photography. Years ago, I studied Physical Therapy in college because I wanted to help people, but after getting my Masters and working in the field for a while, I realized that it was not my calling. My favorite part of being a physical therapist was the connections I made with my patients. Learning about their life, their family, their STORY.


To me, so much about photography is telling a STORY. Whether it's capturing a baby's milestone, a daily routine that won't always be there (like reading a bedtime story to your toddler), an intimate moment, cuddle, dance party in your kitchen, etc.......the list goes on and on. This is why I am drawn to lifestyle photography. These are sessions that document your family as it is in this moment. These photos capture connection (not everyone posed and smiling at the camera).


Photographing families is my jam. Family is EVERYTHING! The little moments and milestones go by way too quickly and capturing these moments and freezing them in time for you is what makes me happy. Even if you take a lot of photos on your i-phone, sometimes you need to have someone else document your family as a whole, interacting and connecting. I try to do that with an artistic eye and bring every image to life with professional editing. I practice what I preach and always hire a professional photographer to document my family at least once a year and I cherish all of them.


During family sessions, my goal is to create a fun and relaxed experience for you and your family. All you have to do is show up ready to have fun and I will take care of the rest.


Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my work. If my style and vision resonate with you, I would love to tell YOUR story!


Fun Facts:

  • I am obsessed with goats and bug my husband all the time about getting a pair of baby goats!

  • Almond milk over cow milk every time

  • I am a addicted to HGTV's Fixer Upper

  • Floral and interior design enthusiast here!


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